General Obligation Bond - Measure U


On November 4, 2014, voters approved Measure U by over 66%.  This measure authorizes the District to sell a total of $90 million general obligation bonds over the next five to ten years for the purpose of financing facilities improvements at all school sites throughout the District.  These improvements are detailed in the Facilities Master Plan that was adopted by the Governing Board on June 10, 2014.  The focus of facilities improvements are as follows:

Upgrade Infrastructure on all Campuses – Includes upgraded safety and security, increased electrical power for classrooms, increased infrastructure for wireless technology, energy-efficient lighting, new HVAC systems for heating and cooling, ADA improvements (Americans with Disabilities Act), new flooring, roofing and plumbing. 

Replace Portable Classrooms –CUSD has 63 portable classrooms on its campuses.  These classrooms were designed to be temporary housing solutions, but some date back to the 1960’s.  All of these classrooms are in poor or failing condition.   

Build New Science Classrooms at Carpinteria High School – Current classrooms and labs are almost fifty years old and have not been updated.  They do not provide a learning environment necessary for today’s emphasis on science, technology, engineering and math.  Adjunct to these classrooms is the conversion of an existing unused woodshop to a design and engineering facility with stat of the art drafting and 3-D equipment. 

Upgrade or Replace Aliso School Administrative Office/Front Entrance – The existing office does not provide adequate working space for staff who serve parents and students; more important, the existing layout does not provide for a secure point of entry to the campus.  

Remodel Multi-purpose Room/Old Gym at Carpinteria Middle School – This area has not been renovated and lacks any heating or cooling systems.  Renovation would allow for an improved stage and classrooms for music and other programs.

Expand Kitchen/Serving areas at Carpinteria Middle School – The current kitchen is very small and has little area in which to serve students.  This facility needs to be expanded and upgraded in order to deliver food to students more quickly.  

Build New Auditorium/theater arts classrooms at Carpinteria High School – Unlike other high schools in the area, CHS has never had an auditorium or theater or performing arts classrooms.  The scope of this project will be determined once other projects have been completed. 

The Facilities Master Plan provides details for projects and estimated costs for each site. 

By law, bond proceeds must be spent on facilities improvements authorized under Measure U.  No money can be spent on administrator salaries or pensions.  The District is also required to establish an Independent Citizens’ Bond Oversight Committee that will review bond expenditures and annual audits of those expenditures.  

General obligation bonds authorized and sold will be repaid by tax assessments on real property in the District.  The estimated cost is $47 per year per $100,000 of assessed valuation.  Assessed valuations are determined by the County of Santa Barbara and do not reflect fair market value. 



    David Weniger
    Director of Facilities and Operations

    Lina Plascencia
    Planning Specialist