Safety and Security

District personnel work together and with local law enforcement to ensure everyone’s safety on campus. Safety components include:
  • Limiting access to one entry at the elementary schools and the middle school. Gates are locked at all times during school hours. 
  • Deploying campus security aides at the middle and high school. 
  • Conducting regularly scheduled lockdown drills with law enforcement supervision. 
  • Responding immediately to any real or perceived threats of violence. Response always includes law enforcement. 
  • Maintaining door mechanisms that allow staff to close and lock doors without going outside.  
  • Maintaining a District anonymous tip line for reporting threats (805-881-2869). 
  • Requiring CUSD staff to wear photo ID badges at all times. 
  • Requiring volunteers and visitors to wear ID badges. 
  • Requiring staff keep cell phones on their person at all times with numbers of all staff; this permits nimble communication in any emergency. 
The District takes a “continuous improvement” approach in maintaining security. As new strategies/procedures come to light, these are incorporated into each site’s response to security threats.