Welcome to the CUSD GATE Program

The following are Goals set by the Board of Education for Gifted and 
Talented Education:

1. To develop an open, respectful, and cooperative relationship among 
teachers, parents, and administrators for the Gifted and Talented Education 
2. To provide a well-defined, appropriately sequenced program which will 
furnish learning experiences and opportunities that are commensurate with 
the needs and abilities of gifted/talented students, including culturally 
and linguistically diverse, economically disadvantaged, and underachieving 

3. To provide staff development which enhances skills in working with GATE 
students and builds teacher and administration commitment;

4. To provide for effective parent participation and in-service education;

5. To develop articulation between the elementary, middle, and high schools 
in the District.


    Teresa Koontz
    GATE Program Coordinator

    Kirsten Escobedo
    Director of Special Education

    Yannely Elizarraraz
    GATE Program Secretary