Intradistrict Transfers

(Student transfer from one school WITHIN the Carpinteria Unified School District’s boundaries to another school WITHIN the district’s boundaries) The Carpinteria Unified School District’s Board of Education values the concept of neighborhood schools but permits open enrollment within the district as resources are available. In order to transfer from one school to another (both schools located within the district’s boundaries), parents must follow specific procedures for the selection and transfer of students among district schools in accordance with law, board policy, and administrative regulation.

Interdistrict Transfers

(Student transfer from a school OUTSIDE the Carpinteria Unified School District’s boundaries to a school INSIDE the district’s boundaries) . Because of negative fiscal impacts, the Carpinteria Unified School District does not accept interdistrict transfer students except in the following limited cases:

  1. Students who are children of district employees. The rules for admission of these students are set forth in Administrative Regulation 5111.12.
  2. Students who qualify for and are approved on the basis of an Extraordinary Hardship Exemption as defined in the below Board Policy.

Transfer Board Policy Downloads:


Jolene Colomy

Executive Assistant