2017 Board

The Carpinteria Unified School Board meets every 2nd and 4th Tuesday at the City Hall Council Chamber (Unless otherwise specified) at 5:30 p.m, located at 5775 Carpinteria Avenue. Board meetings are televised on live on Channel 21.  The public is welcome.

Official Posting of Board Agendas and Agenda Attachments:  The official copy of the agenda is posted at the main entrance of the Administration Office, 1400 Linden Avenue, Carpinteria, CA 93013.  The agenda is posted 72 hours in advance of a regular board meeting.  Agenda attachments are available in the Administration Office reception area before 5:00 PM on the Friday prior to a Tuesday board meeting.  In the event of a special or emergency board meeting, the agenda is posted 24 hours in advance and the attachments are available in the Administration Office reception area.

As a service to Internet users, the Board Of Education Meeting Agendas are posted on the District’s website in addition to the posting that takes place at the Administrative Office main entrance.

 Date  Agenda/Minutes Downloads

 Agenda |  Minutes

 Agenda |  Minutes
Budget Study Session Agenda | Budget Study Session Minutes

 Special Board Meeting Agenda | Special Board Meeting Minutes

 02.14.17  Agenda |  Minutes
 02.28.17  Agenda |  Minutes

 03.06.17 Special Board Meeting Agenda | Special Board Meeting Minutes

 03.14.17  Agenda (English)  Agenda (Spanish) |  Minutes

 03.28.17  Agenda |  Minutes
 04.11.17  Agenda |  Minutes
 04.25.17  Agenda |  Minutes
 05.09.17  Agenda |  Minutes
 05.23.17  Agenda |  Minutes
 06.13.17  Agenda |  Minutes
 06.27.17  Agenda |  Minutes
 07.11.17  Agenda |  Minutes
 08.08.17  Agenda |  Minutes
 08.22.17  Agenda |  Minutes
 09.12.17  Agenda |  Minutes
 09.26.17  Agenda |  Minutes
 10.10.17  Agenda |  Minutes
 10.24.17  Agenda |  Minutes
 11.14.17  Agenda |  Minutes
 11.28.17  Agenda |  Minutes
 12.12.17  Agenda |  Minutes


    Maureen Foley Claffey
    Term Expires: 12.2020

    Rogelio Delgado 
    Term expires: 12.2020

    Jaclyn Fabre
    Term Expires: 12.2018

    Michelle Robertson
    Term expires: 12.2018

    Andy Sheaffer 
    Term expires: 12.2018