Business Services

The Business Service department is responsible for budgets, contracts, employee negotiations, financial forecasting and analysis, fiscal operations, facility reservation/usage, payroll and benefits, purchasing, and risk management.

Budget/Accounting Documents

  Business Forms
  Escape Training and Materials

 Board Budget Study Session Handouts

 1st Interim SACS Report
 1st Interim
 MYP 1st Interim with Reductions
 October Budget Update
 Adopted Budget Multi-Year Projection
 Adopted Budget SACSALL
 Adopted Budget Powerpoint
 Adopted Budget Disctrict Cost Summary

 Budget Study Session 01-24-2017
 Board Study Session 01-24-2017
 2016-2017 First Interim Report
 2016-2017 First Interim SACS Report
 2016-2017 Adopted Budget
 2016-2017 Adopted Budget Board Presentation
 2016-2017 Adopted Budget Study Session
 Education Protection Account

 2015-2016 Unaudited Actuals
 2015-2016 Second Interim Presentation
 2015-2016 First Interim Budget Study Session
 2015-2016 First Interim Presentation
 2015-2016 Adopted Budget Presentation
 Education Protection Account 2015-2016


 Second Interim Report 2014-2015
 2014-15 First Interim Presentation
 Facilities Master Plan FAQs
 Facilities Master Plan
 Developer Fee ResolutionAnnual and 5-Year Reports
 2014-15 Adopted Budget
 2014-15 Education Protection Account - Adopted Budget
 2014-15 State Budget and Impact on CUSD
 Education Protection Account - 2013-14 Final results

 2013-14 Adopted Budget
 2013-14 First Interim Report
 2013-14 Second Interim Report


    Maureen Fitzgerald
    Chief Business Officer

    Nancy Morales
    District Accountant
    805-684-4511 x224

    Andrea Kerrutt
    805-684-4511 x230

    Jennifer Rinde
    Purchasing/Accounts Payable Technician
    805-684-4511 x227

    Lise Main
    Payroll and Benefits
    805-684-4511 x229

    Robi White
    Secretary/Facility Use Permits
    805-684-4511 x221