A Message from the Transportation Supervisor:

Welcome to the 2016-2017 school year!

Did you know the school bus is 188 times safer than your personal car? That is because certain safety features are built into each school bus that all other forms of transportation do not have. Sending your students to school on the school bus also reduces traffic on the roadways and at the school sites. Through the generosity of the CUSD School Board, the district purchased 2 brand new Thomas 82-passenger buses. These buses have 3-point lap/shoulder belts throughout the bus. The engines on these buses are equipped with the cleanest technology available. Utilizing CUSD's bus service is a safe, convenient and an environmentally-friendly choice!A very important change is occurring this year. As a result of the boundary clarifications, both regular ed bus routes WILL NOT be stopping at both Canalino and Aliso Schools during the morning and afternoon routes. With the exception of students utilizing our special needs transportation, other students who are not attending their home school (that is the school designated for the boundaries in which they reside) will not be able to take the bus to and from other schools. The regular ed bus routes will only be servicing one elementary school boundary area. For example, if you reside within Canalino boundaries but through intra-district transfer choose to have your child(ren) attend Aliso School, the bus that serves the Canalino School boundaries will not be stopping at Aliso so parents of those children will need to be responsible for getting their child(ren) to and from school as they will not be able to utilize CUSD bus service.

We understand that this may not be convenient for parents. However, we do not know how the boundary clarification will affect the number of bus riders anticipated. We also are trying to plan ahead for expected construction delays as we head into the fall and the work begins on the various restructuring of Carpinteria's roadways. In addition, the district is not responsible for providing transportation for intra-district transfers (except for students with special needs).

The bus routes are posted on CUSD's website. Please remember to have your student(s) at the bus stop at least 5 minutes prior to the scheduled pick up time. If you have any questions, you may call the transportation department at 684-5451.

We at the CUSD transportation department look forward to serving our community with another school year of safe transportation!

Wendy Stevens, CUSD Transportation Supervisor

805-684-5451 - Transportation Office


    Michael Littlejohn
    Transportation/Warehouse Supervisor

    Jose Ochoa
    Bus Driver/Warehouse

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    Bus Driver

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