Welcome to CUSD Tech Resources. Below are some very basic resources that you should understand the concepts of before your first day of work in our District.

We are a Google District and use all cloud based software with Google Single Sign On (SSO). We heavily leverage Google Workspace apps for most all tasks. Our Google Domain is Most of our students use Chromebooks for their primary digital device. Some Special Ed students and Kindergarten students use iPads. Staff use Macbooks and iMacs as their primary device. Every teacher has an iPad, Apple TV and large format Monitor/TV for use as a document camera and digital presenter. Most teachers use the Google Jamboard app and/or Zoom whiteboard for their digital whiteboard. Most remote meetings are done with Zoom and some also use Google Meet. All staff are responsible for their own data. Use G Drive to store all your documents and data.

There is a wifi access point in every room in the District. Most school devices are preconfigured with the wifi SSID and password. To connect other devices, please ask your site office for the SSID and password.

Device Basics:

Using a Web Browser

MacOS Basics

What is a Chromebook:

What is the Cloud?

What is Airplay?

What is an Apple TV? An Apple TV is just a small hardware streaming device that is connected to your Monitor/TV with an HDMI cable. The Monitor/TV must have the correct Input/Source selected to view the Apple TV content (usually HDMI 1). Teachers use Apple TVs so they can Screen Mirror via Airplay their Apple Devices to their big Monitor/TV.

G Workspace Basics (Every CUSD employee has a Google Workspace account accessible with your email address)

Chrome Browser


Google Drive

Google Docs

Google Sheets

Google Slides

Google Forms/Quizzes

Google Calendar

Google Classroom

Google Jamboard

Zoom: Go to and click the Google button to sign in with your email account

How to Join a meeting:

How to Schedule a meeting:

Meeting Controls:

Schedule a Zoom meeting with Google Calendar:

Zoom Breakout Rooms:

Other Resources:

Aeries (Student Information System, aka SIS) Use the Sign in with Google button

Aeries for Teachers: - Our primary portal to access most Curriculum Apps for Students and Teachers. It is auto rostered from Aeries. Use the Log in with Google button

Mail Groups such as,,,,,,, are all managed by each site's office manager. Only members of those groups can send to those groups. is just a group of all the previous groups and only District Office employees can send to it.

Office Staff Links:

Escape Program

Work Order Requests for Office Managers and Field Trip Requests

Connecting to the Internet from home:

You can find the answers to most everything with a quick Google search. Email for help with any tech needs or answers you can't find on Google.